Toning bed:

Slim images toning tables have been tried, tested, and perfected since 1988.

The tables originated as a physiotherapy tool – to help people develop muscle tone and improve posture.

Not only do patients benefit from great physical relief from muscular injuries and problems, they also lose inches.

Toning tables are designed to position the body in exactly the right way in order to focus on a specific muscle group.

But, while the machine is moving, you are actually performing isometric exercises.

A lot of pilates and yoga movements are isometric exercises and they are two of the most effective forms of exercise for toning and strength building the muscles. What the toning table actually does is assist you in performing these isometric movements and provide a little more intensity than if you were carrying out the movement unaided.

Continued research and development resulted in toning tables that improve the figure and greatly improve mobility and flexibility over a period of time.

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